Make Country Living Your Life Style!

Country Chic

Country ChicThose people who answer to the call of a serene country living are those who share a philosophy in life style that is highly personal and satisfying. The homes of those who engulf country living reflect a special sense of warmth, welcoming hospitality and personal style.

Enchanted by the inherent rustic character, and great space that only a barn-turned-home or an old farm house can offer, a family who chooses this kind of country living, will feel the harmony and serenity of country living first hand.

The color of calm is given by living on the countryside. Fresh flowers around the house and colors matching the environment are a must for country living.

It’s really hard to beat a fresh colored curtain blowing in the wind on a perfect spring day. To maintain a crisp look mix in a touch of white here and there. It’s inviting and enchanting. That’s country living at it’s best!

If you are starting from scratch you can still turn any kind of home into a safe haven by furnishing and decorating with flea market, garage sale and yard sale finds.

Ragtyme Station has everything you need to get started on your Country Chic project from reclaimed wood to tidbits and doodads, plus the cool vintage pieces to accent your work…

Slipcovers are a beautiful way to mix and match furniture. Since country living isn’t about high tech modern living, it’s very much appreciated to use bargain finds for decorating and furnishing your home.

In today’s economy we can count the blessings of the trend to shabby and chic home decoration. It is such a satisfaction to furnish and decorate your home with bargain finds. Nothing can top the coziness and comfort of a home decorated in a personal style of country living on a budget.

There are so many ways to find and mix and match your personal style. Yard and garage sales are a fascinating way to accomplish that certain style that represents your family’s style of country living. Country living means to make your house a home with comfortable seating and memory filled decoration. Everybody will feel right at home in a dwelling like that.

Article by Elke Houghton

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